Yussup  Tumgoyev

Yussup Tumgoyev

Student, Nazarbayev University

After graduating from Nazarbayev Intellectual School in 2015, Yussup successfully entered Nazarbayev University First Year Program. Throughout his entire first year at the university, Yussup devoted most of his time to learning and sports by actively playing basketball and attending boxing section. In 2016, Yussup began volunteering not only at the Nazarbayev University, but also participated in different Astana events. Because of his love of sports disciplines, in 2017 he joined Student Government Ministry of Sports and Health. In the same year, Yussup joined NU Student Fund Budget Committee. After working for a year in two organizations, he was elected as a Chairman of NU Student Fund in April 2018, and is still holding this position. In the summer of 2018, he was a Student Organizer of the first “Asia Deep Dive” program of Asian Universities Alliance held at Nazarbayev University. In July 2018, Yussup was appointed as a Director of Logistics Department at the Harvard College for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) Asia Conference 2019.

June 7, 201909:30-11:00
Global Imperative and Local Relevance
Breakout session 1
Venue: Ballroom Right 1, Block C2, Nazarbayev University