Administrative section


10.00-12.00 Human Resource Management in Higher Education

  • Talent Management
  • Professional Development System


Department of Human Resources Management:

Maryam Abeldinova, Director

Dana Makhanova, Senior Manager

Symbat Irgebayev, Senior Manager

Block C3


12.00-13.00 Break-time –



13.00-14.30 Students extracurricular activities

  • Student Self-Governance at Nazarbayev University;
  • Establishment of the Student Fund;
  • Budget management of NU Student Life;
  • Leadership and Involvement;
  • Programming for Student Organizations Leaders;
  • Student event management / Student Event calendar.
Student Affairs Department:

Askhat Bekzhanov, Director

Block C3





Model of the NU Psychological Counseling Center

  • Red Folder
  • Psychological follow-up of students
Psychological Counseling Center:

Leila Miras, Director

Olga Zhuravleva, Psychologist

Block C3


16.00-17.30 Recruitment of international students in a global competition


Admissions Department:

Laura Paluanova, Senior Manager

Nurkhan Omarbekov, Manager

Block C3