Leila  Akhmetova

Leila Akhmetova

Student, Nazarbayev University

Leila completed the 3rd year of the Nazarbayev University School of Humanities and Social Sciences majoring in Economics.

After graduating from the Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Karaganda, in 2015, Leila entered Nazarbayev University First Year Program (NUFYP) and almost immediately became a member of the NUFYP Student Council.

After joining Nazarbayev University Student Government (SG) at the beginning of the 1st year, Leila continued to develop University’s student community, and as a result, in April 2018, she was elected by NU students as the President of SG. Throughout the year of her governance and leading the supreme body of student self-government, Leila and her team achieved great success in various areas, thereby making a huge contribution to the lives of students of Nazarbayev University.

In July 2018, Leila was one of the Executive student organizers of “Asia Deep Dive” cultural and educational program within the framework of the Asian Universities Alliance, whose co-founder is Nazarbayev University. Within two weeks, 24 students from the leading universities of Asia were able to get acquainted with the culture and history of Kazakhstan by visiting several regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan as well as learned about the current development of the country in the economic, social, informational and other areas.

In addition, Leila is the Executive Director of the Harvard College Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) 2019 Asian Conference Organizing Committee. At the end of 2018, her team won the right to host the largest youth international conference by beating such countries as Japan, Singapore, China etc. Significantly and symbolically, this event will be held for the first time in Central Asia and in the Year of Youth in Kazakhstan it will address the most pressing and topical issues for the younger generation.

June 7, 201916:15-17:50
Closing Session
Closing Discussion
Venue: Orange Hall, 2 floor, Block C2, Nazarbayev University