This year, we have come up with a series of interesting sessions geared to the theme of “Innovating Higher Education in the Age of Disruption”.

Plenary sessions will focus on following sub-themes:

  • Innovating higher education against a backdrop of a disruptive age;
  • Disruption impacts at Nazarbayev University Schools;
  • Role of the University in developing skills and achieving lifetime goals
  • How STEM disciplines coping with the age of disruption
  • How non-STEM disciplines coping with the age of disruption
  • Best practices implemented by Universities

Previous themes:

2017: Governance, Management and Leadership in Higher Education
2016: Higher education and modernization of the economy: innovative and entrepreneurial universities
2015: Graduate employability in the 21st century
2014: Successful universities: what are they and how to build one?
2013: Global trends in higher education and their impact on the region
2012: Management of Research, Teaching and Learning
2011: Contemporary Trends in Education