Kazakhstan Visa Requirements


Visa-Free Countries

Foreign nationals are required to obtain visa to Kazakhstan, however nationals of some countries have visa-free regime on a specified term listed below: [country (duration)]


Japan (30 days)

Malaysia (30 days)

Mongolia (90 days)

Republic of Korea (30 days)

Singapore (30 days)

Hong Kong SAR, PRC (14 days)


Azerbaijan (30 days)

Armenia (90 days)

Belarus (90 days)

Georgia (90 days)

Kyrgyz Republic (90 days)

Moldova (90 days)

Russia (90 days)

Tajikistan (30 days)

Ukraine (90 days)

Uzbekistan (30 days)


Canada (30 days)

USA (30 days)


Argentina (30 days)

Brazil (30 days throughout the year)

Ecuador (30 days within 180 days)

Chile (30 days)

Mexico (30 days)


Australia (30 days)

New Zealand (30 days)


Israel (30 days)

Turkey (30 days)

United Arab Emirates (30 days)

Austria (30 days)

Belgium (30 days)

Bulgaria (30 days)

Croatia (30 days)

Cyprus (30 days)

Czech Republic (30 days)

Denmark (30 days)

Estonia (30 days)

Finland (30 days)

France (30 days)

Germany (30 days)

Greece (30 days)

Hungary (30 days)

Iceland (30 days)

Ireland (30 days)

Italy (30 days)

Latvia (30 days)

Lithuania (30 days)

Luxembourg (30 days)

Malta (30 days)

Monaco (30 days)

Netherlands (30 days)

Norway (30 days)

Poland (30 days)

Portugal (30 days)

Romania (30 days)

Serbia (30 days)

Slovakia (30 days)

Slovenia (30 days)

Spain (30 days)

Sweden (30 days)

Switzerland (30 days)

United Kingdom (30 days)


Business Visa – B1

You can apply for “B1” category Business visa (single entry until 60 days within 90 days) if you are:

  • Attendee of conferences, symposia, forums, exhibitions, concerts, cultural, scientific, sports, and other events;
  • Attendee of business and expert meetings;

You can apply for “B1” category Business visa (single entry until 60 days within 90 days / multiple entry until 60 days at each entry within 1 year) if you are:

  • Accompanying humanitarian assistance;
  • Lecturer / professor visiting educational events;
  • Participant of student and youth exchange programs, except for the purpose of study in Kazakhstan.

There are two steps to obtain a visa:

Step 1. An invitation letter

Nazarbayev University prepares an invitation letter to a foreign national in due time, confirming the purpose of stay with necessary package of documents. A procedure for issuing an invitation letter takes up to 5-7 business days.

List of required documents:

  1. A completed visa support application form in accordance with submitted documents Download [Word].
  2. Copy of the applicant’s passport (first page);

Step 2. Obtain a visa

Foreign nationals can obtain visas to visit Kazakhstan:

  1. At the Embassies and Consulates of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  2. Upon arrival at the international airports of Nur-Sultan city and Almaty (if there is no embassy/consulate in your country)

List of required documents:

  1. A completed visa application form. Download [PDF] or [Word].
  2. An original passport of the applicant (must be valid at least three months after visa’s expiration date);
  3. Copy of the applicant’s passport (first page);
  4. One passport-size photo (3.5*4.5 cm. in color) of the applicant;
  5. Invitation letter with a reference number approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan.
  6. Visa fee 

The process of obtaining visa can take up to 5-7 working days.


PLEASE MAKE SURE that your passport is valid for at least 3 months longer than the validity of the requested visa period;
and you have two spare pages in your passport for the visa stamp.
If no, we kindly ask you to reissue your passport before applying for visa to Kazakhstan

If the participant submits documents in a country other than his / her country of citizenship, he / she should additionally provide APOSTILLED residence permit with a notarized translation into Russian or a long-term visa explaining his / her stay in this country.

Upon arrival to Kazakhstan, foreign nationals are required to obtain and fill in an immigration card. Each foreign national arriving in Kazakhstan should contact the inviting party (EHELF Organizing Team) and proceed with registration within 3 (three) calendar days (Saturday and Sunday are counted). Violation of this procedure can lead to administrative fine or deportation from the country.

List of Kazakhstani Embassies