Themes of Eurasian Higher Education Leaders’ Forum 2014

The conference consists of several sessions based around year’s chosen theme. 

The theme of this year’s Forum is: Successful Universities: what are they and how to build one?

Under this umbrella theme, following subthemes will be discussed in sessions: 

What is a Successful University? 
Universities are continuously revising what success is for them. Definitions of success might vary, for example, by university type – whether they are old, traditional universities or new ones, or depending on their vision, mission, objectives, and goals – liberal arts colleges, research universities, professionally-oriented universities or others. What measures are used for defining, and are rankings and league tables of world class universities using the right measures? How do various stakeholders including policy makers, industry, faculty and students define success? How is it defined in the Kazakhstani context?  

How to build a Successful University: new or from existing?
Once universities define what success is for them, the question of how to get there needs to be answered. Various factors are considered to be important in building a successful university – leadership, student and faculty recruitment, infrastructure etc. Although these and other factors are common to the goal of achieving success, they can be attained in different ways, such as building a successful university from scratch or reforming an existing university. 

Students’ Perspective on Successful University
A successful university meets the needs of the students. Thus students’ experience and expectations are an integral part of building a successful university. Students themselves will voice their opinions and other panelists will share their perspectives at this session. 

Faculty's Perspective on Successful University

Successful Research Universities
Discussion will be around successful research universities and translation of their experience to national context.