Bagdat Uzbayeva,

Director of the Scientific Library

Kazakh National Research Technical University named after K.I.Satpayev


Every year, within the framework of the Eurasian Higher Education Leaders Forum (EHELF), the seminar “Library Connect: Modern International Trends in Development of the University Library” is held and for several years they have become an information platform for highlighting the current problems of Kazakhstani university libraries and their solutions. Such seminars are very important, useful and significant for the library community in Kazakhstan in terms of improving the skills and professional development of library specialists.

Conducting the seminar within the framework of the EHEFL is especially important, because the libraries act as information centers for training of specialists of new generations.

Nazarbayev University Library became the flagship and leader for all university libraries in the country, as at the library there are up-to-date information technologies, internationally recognized databases, highly qualified personnel. I would like to note the high level of training of specialists, friendly communication and comfortable atmosphere of the seminar. Its format is always interesting and includes various forms of professional development – sections and presentations, work in small groups, master classes. Meetings with experts from different countries, acquaintance with new resources and software products, presented by the seminar organizers and participants are invaluable. All that allows university libraries to keep abreast of current trends of development and strive for a new one.

All the issues that were voiced at the seminars help to structure and systematize the acquired knowledge for the enhancing activities at its library. NU Library experience of electronic resources management is especially useful for us.

Undoubtedly, the seminars give impetus for searching new ideas, innovative forms of work, communication with colleagues, familiarity with their professional experience. Thanks to the seminars, our activity is constantly improving and filling with new content, themes and perspectives.





Dametken Almagambetova,

Director of the Scientific Library

at E.A. Buketov Karaganda State University


Holding a library seminar within the framework of the Eurasian Higher Education Leaders Forum is a very successful form of working with the library community. As it is known, the library staff is closely connected with the work of the higher educational institution to which the library belongs, and librarians are perfectly oriented in the tasks and problems of higher education. Participation in library seminars held within the framework of the Forum raises the status of university libraries and librarians. It is an evidence that the work of university libraries in Kazakhstan is significant, useful and, moreover, valuable. Of particular importance is the fact that the seminars are held at Nazarbayev University. As it is known, the library of this university is a modern information center in Kazakhstan with a young and energetic team.

During the seminar “Library Connect–2016: Modern International Trends in Development of the University Library” I discovered the work of university libraries in Turkey. Wonderful presentations were provided, which combined information on the history of the birth of a private institution, the organization of the library and the use of advanced technologies in user service. With great attention, we got acquainted with the work of Russian ELS, with the basic principles of their creation. In Kazakhstan, such ELS are not yet available. Meetings with colleagues are also interesting, because they give a lot of professional information, new experience, new acquaintances. It is also very valuable that the Association of University Libraries has continued its work within the framework of the seminars. Thanks to the Forum, a unique platform was created for university libraries to upgrade the skills of a library staff and to further develop the information, educational and cultural space in our country. I would like to see this tradition – library seminars in the framework of the Education Leaders Forum – continue to develop.

As a result of participating in seminars for the last 4 years, access to various databases became possible for users. And for our library, one of the main results of participation in the forums was the creation of a repository – an electronic repository for research articles written by the university faculty. The repository was registered in the OpenDOAR, open access resource catalog, in record time – in less than 3 months! At present the repositories of 4 universities in Kazakhstan are presented in the OpenDOAR. Experience of the universities in Belarus (the Belarusian National Technical University),and in Kazakhstan (L.N. Gumilev Eurasian National University and Nazarbayev University.


Daribayeva Gulshat,

Head of the Scientific and Methodological Department

of the Scientific Library of L.N. Gumilev Eurasian National University


Undoubtedly, the annual “Library Connect” seminar, held within the framework of the Eurasian Higher Education Leaders Forum, is one of the brightest events in the life of Kazakhstani librarians. This professional event is important and interesting, first of all, by the opportunity to obtain new knowledge and skills in the actual areas of development of university libraries. There is already a wonderful tradition to invite colleagues from foreign libraries as speakers, whose experience is always of great interest to us. Informal communication during the seminar is also important, when there is a substantive discussion of various professional problems, an exchange of views and establishing contacts for further cooperation. Also, apart from foreign experience, it is always interesting to learn about the innovations introduced in the library of Nazarbayev University. The library, like the university itself, is a platform for the transmission of innovative experience, and every time I come with a visit and communicate with its employees, new ideas arise for implementation in my own practice. 

This year I will participate in the seminar the third time. And each of seminars gives me a new impetus to personal professional development. Firstly, for me, as for an organizer of similar events, it is useful experience of organizing and holding such form of improving skills of librarians. Secondly, all the topics considered at the seminar are relevant, and therefore necessary for development of the modern university library. Thirdly, all the information received at the seminar, provides food for thoughts and inspires specific practical activities. Also useful and interesting exhibitions of equipment, publishing products, electronic resources, organized in the framework of the seminar. 

Knowledge and advice that I receive at the seminar, I try to implement immediately in my daily work. For example, topics such as the organization of activities of subject librarians, creation of an institutional repository, the best practices to improve information literacy have allowed me to improve the work of the library I represent. And, in general, all the information obtained expands the professional horizon, which allows me to always be aware of everything new.

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