NUGSE Session: "Teaching Research and Supervision of Master and PhD Programs: Experience of NUGSE"

Block 5, Room # 5103

Time: 16:10 – 17:40


Faculty and students of higher education institutions, representatives from MOES, representatives of education institutions, researchers 

This seminar is a platform for discussions of issues related to teaching research and supervision of master and PhD theses.  Discussions will focus on international practices, as well as sharing NUGSE experiences of teaching research and supervision.

Topics for discussion:

ü  Research methods

ü  Thesis supervision

ü  Research ethics

ü  Master and PhD programs


Dr. Mir Afzal Tajik and Dr. Duishon Shamatov, Associate Professors of NUGSE, and Marcelo Lopez and Zhadyra Makhmetova, PhD students of NUGSE

Important information:

In order to have a fruitful and useful discussion of the issues related to teaching research methods and thesis supervision at master and PhD levels, we are kindly asking those, who are interested in attending this seminar, to email us a list of questions to be raised and discussed at the seminar.  The questions must be relevant to the proposed topics of the seminar and be sent to dina.gungor@nu.edu.kz

Contact information:


+ 7 (705) 6363284, Duishon Shamatov