Session: "The Role of Quantitative Research Design"

This session will focus on the role of quantitative research design in education.  It will, more specifically, emphasize the relevance and use of quantitative research in the field of education. It will discuss the grounding principles of quantitative research design, provide examples of how quantitative research approaches can be used both to tackle major academic and theoretical questions, as well as very practical day-to-day organization level questions.  This session is intended to be an interactive session through encouraging the audience to participate in discussions via short effective activities to show the importance of quantitative data in the analysis process. As a means of enriching the session, NUGSE students who are part of this panel will discuss their experiences and expertise in conducting quantitative research design and the benefits they have gained from it.

Venue: Block 3, room #3.323

Time: 11.30

For more information, please, contact:

Zakir Jumakulov

Email: zakir.jumakulov@nu.edu.kz

Tel: +7 7172 706630

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